As professional storytellers, we have taken it upon ourselves to create the best possible work environment for you to tell your story. Leave it to us to lay the groundwork for your creativity to shine, around some of the most impressive locations and dedicated film lovers in the world.

Our Work Process

As an extention of Indigo View Productions, we approach each project from a producer's point of view. We get to know you and your project; your vision and expectations; your needs and dreams. And then, we work on how to get you there: we offer feedback, discuss options, crunch numbers, make connections with other creative people, regroup, exchange an innumerable amount of emails, make awkward Skype calls, crunch more numbers, work around schedules, and keep discovering ways to keep you excited about your project.

You get the picture. We get things done.
There is nothing like a good brainstorming session to get those creative juices flowing.
Leave the jigsaw puzzle to us and simply watch the pieces fall neatly into place.
Bad weather? Cold feet? Unexpected turbulence? We're right there with you back at the drawing board.

Meet The Team

Theo Papadoulakis

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Ioanna Davi

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Marilia Stavridou

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Our Team

Ioanna Davi

With a strong passion for film and storytelling, she founded Indigo View Productions fresh out of Uni, at the age of 24, with the goal to bring to life compelling stories that can make a difference. Since 2005, she has been Indigo View’s main producer and CEO,  producing several successful short films and documentaries, which have participated in international film festivals and won numerous awards.

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Theo Papadoulakis

Theo won accolades early on in his career with his widely successful and internationally distributed short films. He has become widely known for his distinctive and provocative work in TV  Drama, including "The Island", the series with the highest ratings in the history of Greek television, which was sold in over 10 territories worldwide. He has also directed documentaries, commercials and multi-award-winning tourism campaigns. He is the co-founder and artistic director of Indigo View Productions.

Dimitris Xenakis

Don't let his zen life approach fool you. Dimitris can spearhead any production no matter its scale, from over-populated period dramas to guerilla-style documentaries. And he can do it with whatever resources available, but always with a cosmopolitan attitude. He has studied in Germany, worked accross Europe and organized his fair share of international audiovisual productions along the way. He now heads Indigo View's servicing department, as head of Greek Fixers. 

Contact: dimitris@indigoview.com 

Mobile: +30 6974 822092

Kostis Panagiotopoulos

For the past two decades, he has worked his way up from production assistant to producer in a long list of short & feature films, TV, web and theatre productions, as well as festivals, events and live shows. He is the person you want managing your project, especially when it comes to the knit and grit of everyday production. Once logged in one of his famous black notebooks, the job is on and as well as done.

Contact: kostis@indigoview.com 

Mobile: +30 6944 595270

Marilia Stavridou

Marilia has almost two decades of experience in production, spanning from independent shorts, arthouse  features and Bollywood films, to TV series, live news shows, and European funded multi-cultural projects. She has worked as production manager, production coordinator, executive producer and is currently acting as Head of Development for Indigo View Productions. She acts as your EKOME liaison, drafting, submitting and following up your application for the 40% Greek cash rebate scheme.  

Contact: marilia@indigoview.com 

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Our Experience